The Psychedelic Newspaper Strikes Again!

May 29, 2008

By Harmony Flow, The Stung-out Hippie

So, like, it came to my attention after writing that psychedelic piece that this isn’t the first mass fry in Arcata man.

Acid-laced North Coast Journal newspapers made its way into the hands of unsuspecting Arcatans last year, only that one caught people off guard with that woman blowing bubbles.

You know, to tell you the truth I can’t remember much about what happened last summer, except that at one point I woke up naked in the woods with ink all over my hands, face and tongue.

Here’s to another tripped out summer man…



  1. tounge?

  2. Hey man, the NCJ has nothing on the Arcata Eye for headache inducing covers. And they do it Weekly!

  3. on deadline here in greenfuse land but came across your site. thanks for some laughter.

  4. 7:46: whoop! thanks for the heads-up dude, I totally lost my ability to spell for a moment.

    8:39: I totally forgot about that migraine for a $1.

  5. Eh, dang typos. Happens to everyone.

  6. Well, that explains why there weren’t any Journals in SoHum as of Friday evening. Presumably, by now State Parks rangers have found the delivery people happily wandering around the vicinity of the Avenue of the Giants, with a trail of well-licked newspapers behind them…

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