Dead Guy Bop

June 1, 2008

By the Redwood Ridiculer Chief-of-Staff

Advertisements printed and broadcast by various media outlets of late urge voters who want Johanna Rodoni on the Board of Supervisors to vote for her late husband Roger.

We hope we’re not the only ones that are somewhat concerned about the usurping of the election process here in Humboldt at the hands of the Republican Party.

These advertisements essentially tell voters not to vote, but to instead voice their support for the Governator to hand-pick a supervisor to our Board. It seems voters are willing to go with it, still digesting the shock of Roger’s death and the subsequent power vacuum.

Johanna, and whoever else is involved with this campaign, are using Roger’s death as a way to advance their own political interests. Even if the rules say this is a legal course of conduct, is it right for the democratic process?

We have two other candidates in that district willing and able to engage their community, and to be elected into office. If Johanna wants to run, she should do a write-in campaign, but she shouldn’t exploit her husband’s death as a way to leverage herself into political power.

And what’s even sadder is that one of the local newspapers fell for this trap and endorsed this attempt at circumventing the democratic process…need we say which newspaper.

So let’s see what happens on Tuesday. If Roger is elected, let us hope his ghost doesn’t come in the form of a supervisor merely there to perpetuate the agenda of the Governator and not the interests of the Second District, because there is a chance that Johanna won’t even be appointed.

That’s what happens when the democratic process if circumvented.


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  1. Ok. It’s been a month without any new posts on this blog. Time to roll this thing up and shut ‘er down. No use in cluttering up cyberspace with a dead blog.

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