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The Psychedelic Newspaper Strikes Again!

May 29, 2008

By Harmony Flow, The Stung-out Hippie

So, like, it came to my attention after writing that psychedelic piece that this isn’t the first mass fry in Arcata man.

Acid-laced North Coast Journal newspapers made its way into the hands of unsuspecting Arcatans last year, only that one caught people off guard with that woman blowing bubbles.

You know, to tell you the truth I can’t remember much about what happened last summer, except that at one point I woke up naked in the woods with ink all over my hands, face and tongue.

Here’s to another tripped out summer man…


Journal cover trips out community

May 29, 2008

By Harmony Flow, The Strung-out Hippie

ARCATA – Whoa dude, it’s like the Summer of Love all over again down here at the Arcata Plaza.

Looking at the lines of spun-out, naked Arcatans spread across the green grass makes me wonder what got into the water.

Then I saw it – people licking newspapers  with multi-colored ink covering their mouths.  All over the town, stacks worth of bright, psychedelic-colored newspapers covered the streets, the cars and took to the wind.

When I grabbed one, I was like, “Whoa man, that’s not ink I just felt on the cover.”

No, it’s something far more beautiful, something completely mind expanding and euphoric. A free trip through the North Coast Journal to any corner of the Earth, in any spiritual form you want.

After coming down from the intense ride that took me from the scores of wide-eyed, trippin folk at the Plaza to the forest of Redwood trees piercing the sky like spears, I decided to get to the bottom of this.

I called up Hank Simms, editor of the Journal, to get answers.

“You know man,” he said slowly, “I didn’t intend to trip everyone out with the cover, literally, but hey, no one’s complaining yet. We’ll see what happens after everyone comes down.”

The Journal prints at the same press as The Eureka Reporter.

Michael Jameson, printmaster at the press in Samoa, admitted that a laced mistake happened.

“You know, just when you think you’re filling up the yellow ink with actual ink, BAM! You’re on the floor dazed in a sweet dream dancing in strawberry fields.”

There were reports from The Eureka Reporter of acid-related incidents. Most notable dude was the editorial written in today’s issue supporting the formation of communes as a way to better feed and house the less fortunate.

Talk about a trip man.