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The Low Down

May 28, 2008

Ravenous, righteous right-wingers wretching comment boards with rabid words. Limp, ludicrous leftists levying for liberation. Powerful poisonous people playing with plenty of polished currency fighting for rights to the land. And so on.

Did that make sense? Well get used to it cause that’s the kind of writing you can expect to see here at the most prestigious publication to ever grace the all-ready over-saturated media landscape in Humboldt County – The Redwood Ridiculer.

Why debate the finer points of politics and policy when you can flat out make fun of it? Why ruin the careers of others when you can just point out how stupid they are? Why do anything when you can instead do nothing?

Here, you’ll get a different perspective on the news the media bombards us poor souls with on a daily basis. Here, you won’t get news. Here you’ll get unnews – information so outrageously biased and twisted that to think it’s truth should be an indication of your insanity, yet strangely, it will seem to hold some position of accuracy.